Free Internet marketing software

Your I.M. Shell ®
This unique free Internet marketing software, “Your IM Shell”, available for Mac OS and Windows, provides you with an access to a unique compilation of Internet marketing dynamic resources: Internet marketing trends multi search, free unique WordPress themes, the Internet marketing forums Top50 & other interesting resources.

New core uploaded on 2013-09-28.

You can download the free WP themes within the Shell by clicking on the “Free Items” button.

Query the major Internet trends site, as well as the major “Question/Answer” and Buzz sites directly, by keyword within your “Internet marketing Shell”.

You want to use it to find your niches, your new domain names, your next products, your new concepts and targeted keywords, whether “long tailed”, or not. Catch the scope?! Quite wide and dense, isn’t it?

This free Internet marketing software can run on your desktop. It doesn’t install anything on your machine, it doesn’t modify your registry. Please, maintain the original folders structure (tree); on your desktop for example… Being web based, the Shell is auto updated, it requires an active Internet connection, and you to allow it within your firewall, that’s all.

This software used in internet marketing is white listed by the major antispyware and antivirus companies, such as AVG, Avast, Norton…

You should back up your Shell on an external drive and an USB key. You can keep your Shell on your desktop.

Windows users, please, once downloaded, do not click on the *.exe file inside the *.zip file, you’ll get warnings, instead extract the zip’s content with an unzipper (see below), and maintain the folders structure (tree).

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Please, choose your OS version, either Mac OS (universal), or Windows, direct download:
Note for PC users: I’m offering 14 clean and useful freewares on 3 sites of mine, without having to even sign-up, opt in, whatsoever! Forgive me if their installers are basic, but the “CB Most Recent” and “RSS Reader’s” ones. If you don’t change their install location, just go to your desktop, locate my freeware(s) and, please, create shortcuts manually. You may move the whole folder anywhere, even on an USB key.